Month: November 2018

WBFO News Speaks with James Ostrowski on SAFE Act Legal Battle

SAFE Act court challenges set for new year   Mike Desmond | WBFO News – While New York’s SAFE Act has been in effect for just under six years, gun rights supporters are still pushing hard against the law and the state’s complicated system of issuing hand gun permits.   It was just over a […]

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State Senate Democrats Plan More Civil Rights Violations for WNY Gun Owners in 2019

  Bill requiring social media review for pistol permit applicants violates First, Second, and 14th Amendments   BUFFALO, N.Y. – New legislation submitted in the New York State Senate, Bill S9191, would require social media content checks before a state resident could receive or renew their pistol permit.   The bill says state licensing officials […]

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Key Legal Challenges to N.Y. Gun Laws Poised to Move Forward in Early 2019

  Recent SAFE Act non-enforcement decision in Erie County precedes major legal challenges to unconstitutional gun restrictions   BUFFALO, N.Y. – When four men were pulled over one evening earlier this month near Buffalo’s Alma Ave. and Olympic Ave., the weapons charges they received from police reignited a debate surrounding the handgun magazine capacity limit […]

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