2AWNY.COM urges NYS Board of Regents to create a curriculum that tells students the truth: The Second Amendment Works

January 13, 2020 – ALBANY, N.Y. – Hours prior to their scheduled executive session, 2AWNY.COM called on the New York State Board of Regents to adopt a school curriculum that tells students the truth: The Second Amendment works. The call for this new curriculum results from the group’s independent assessment of history and civics lesson plans across the state. 2AWNY.COM’s assessment revealed that students attending New York State government schools are being blatantly lied to about the core purpose of and massive successes generated by the Second Amendment.

“It’s abundantly clear that, if the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment are mentioned to students at all, it’s to concede that these documents simply exist in time and space, and that’s the end of the discussion,” 2AWNY.COM Civil Rights Advocate Steve Felano said. “Specifically, in the context of classroom lessons across the state, the Second Amendment is unethically derided by instructors as an obsolete relic with no positive utility in modern society. Furthermore, firearms are disingenuously regarded as evil mechanical demons, responsible for the majority of society’s ills, that have produced zero positive impact for anyone on any planet in any universe. No class time is devoted to the fact that America’s very existence is owed to the positive utility of firearms, the core purpose of the Second Amendment is an effective check against government tyranny, there are numerous examples of government tyranny occurring right now all across the globe, and government’s procedural protocols alone aren’t sufficient to prevent government tyranny in the United States – that’s why we have the Second Amendment. The lack of this information in school curricula is producing generations of New Yorkers who obediently accept every gun control edict decreed by the state. Government schools are failing to equip future New York adults with any manner of analytical tools to assess the efficacy of Albany’s gun control proposals, and the high cost that civilian disarmament will impose on future generations. These deficiencies are precisely what we’re attempting to correct with today’s recommendations to the state Board of Regents. New York State needs to start telling students the truth: The Second Amendment Works.”

“The Second Amendment is portrayed as something to do with hunting or target shooting or shooting a burglar if some burglar comes into your house,” Attorney James Ostrowski, who overturned New York State’s first ever SAFE Act conviction, said. “It’s really not the point of the Second Amendment. The point of the Second Amendment is, look, we have what the Founders called a constitutional republic. A republic is a government which exercises powers delegated to it by the people and is answerable to the people in regular elections. So, the people are the principal. The government and government officials are our agents. So it makes no sense whatsoever if you understand the foundations of American government that the government, our agent, can say to the people, the bosses, ‘we want all or your guns’ or ‘we want a large portion of your guns’ or ‘you can’t have a gun unless you jump through a lot of hoops that you don’t have to jump through to exercise, for example, the First Amendment.’”

“Some people are probably wondering, ‘okay, you made a great point, but how are we going to apply it in schools, how do we make this curriculum available to our students?’” Erie County Libertarian Party Chair and NY-27 Congressional Candidate Duane Whitmer said. “It’s quite simple…history class. You can teach it as math class. Statistics show that gun control has not made you safer. As evidenced by a New York University law professor’s paper, by Harvard and Boston doing a study. Now, these are three universities not known to be gun friendly. These are three leftist, progressive areas, doing studies showing that gun control does not work. You can apply that in a math class, in a statistical analysis class. Problem solved.”

2AWNY.COM is recommending the New York State Board of Regents at least incorporate the following sources into a Second Amendment curriculum for all students, though numerous additional sources should be considered:

To learn more about any of the above, please contact Steve Felano at (518) 852-1863 or [email protected].

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