2ANYS confirms with officials that retailers in specific counties may reopen if they strictly observe state guidelines

May 15, 2020 – BUFFALO, N.Y. – 2ANYS, New York State’s premier civilian rearmament enterprise securing maximal Second Amendment civil rights by, with, and through The People, has confirmed that firearms retailers in Genesee, Wyoming, Wayne, Yates, Ontario, and Livingston Counties may reopen effective Friday, May 15, 2020. Approval has come from two Empire State Development officials charged with administering ‘Phase 1’ of the ‘NY Forward Reopening’ Plan, and numerous county officials overseeing enforcement of plan guidelines.

“Logic dictates that firearms retailers are covered under the ‘Sporting Goods’ and ‘Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers’ designations outlined in phase one of the state’s reopening plan, given that firearms retailers clearly and directly serve sportsmen preparing for the upcoming hunting season, competitive shooters, and civilian, military, and police athletes preparing for tactical marksmanship competitions,” 2ANYS Founder Steve Felano said. “Furthermore, given that Merriam-Webster defines ‘miscellaneous’ as ‘consisting of diverse things or members’, the aforementioned ‘Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers’ designation is an extremely broad classification that clearly captures firearms retailers within its ambit. I made this argument directly to Finger Lakes Economic Development Program Administrator Stephen Golding and he agreed, while deferring to county governments on final reopening decisions.”

“I believe you are ok to open strictly following the safety guidelines and would do so unless you hear otherwise, or are told to close by the local governmental jurisdiction,” Mr. Golding said. “When conflicts have arisen between our guidance for business to open and a local governmental entity, we have been deferring that local entity. Not sure if this is helpful but the best I can do for now.”

Genesee County Manager Jay Gsell agrees with Empire State Development Finger Lakes Regional Director Vincent Esposito that firearms retailers in the county may reopen effective Friday, May 15, 2020, deferring to the following guidance from Mr. Esposito:

“Yes, firearm dealers can operate as any retail business using the new curbside pickup guidance.”

“We agree, firearms retailers are in Phase 1, which begins tomorrow [Friday, May 15, 2020] for us in Wyoming County and the Finger Lakes Region,” Wyoming County Sheriff Gregory Rudolph said. “I encourage the retailers to review the below guidance and to have a fluid business plan for tomorrow and further ‘phasing in.’  Thank you for your correspondence and ensuring clarity.”

“I view a firearms retailer as a ‘sporting goods or other miscellaneous store retailer,’ Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts said. “Please have the firearms retailers visit the hyperlink below for the Summary Guidelines, Detail Guidelines and Safety Plan Template to follow. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact me.”

“Any PAUSE violations come to this office, and to the county attorney,” Yates County Sheriff Ronald Spike said. “Firearms retailers in Yates County opening per Phase One May 15 it is understood with them strictly following the safety guidelines promulgated by the Governor’s office, especially the ESD. Any PAUSE complaints or information received that informs us of a possible violation of those safety guidelines before mentioned will be investigated, and resolved with an unfounded finding or if founded an actual counseling, or warning by this office, or civil or criminal action. I trust that said firearms retailers will strictly follow the reopening plan safety guidelines as you have referenced.”

“Below is a link to the State Guidance on Phase One Reopening,” Seneca County Manager Mitchell Rowe said. “If you scroll down a little bit you will see Phase One: Retail Trade Guidelines for delivery, curbside and in-store pick-up. There are additional instructions for reading and affirming the guidelines and business safety plan templates. The state is controlling the guidelines and deferring to local governments to enforce, not approve. A subtle line to be sure. Please review the below link and let us know if you have any questions or find anything unclear…if retailers adhere to the guidelines then there would be no enforcement.”

“I have confirmed that you [Ontario County firearms retailers] are allowed to open as curbside retail trade and you must have your plan in place and complete the business affirmation on the following website,” Interim Ontario County Administrator Brian Young said. “Thank you for the question.”

“I did see County Administrator Young’s response and I am glad that businesses such as yours [Ontario County firearms retailers] are able to open,” Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson said. “I realize this has been a very difficult and stressful time for everyone. Thank you for contacting us in regards to this.”

“Per State Empire State Development: Firearms retailers can operate with the new curbside retail guidelines,” Livingston County Board of Supervisors Clerk Michele Rees said.

As Seneca County Manager Mitchell Rowe outlined, firearms retailers reopening effective Friday, May 15, 2020 should consult the state ‘Phase One: Retail Trade’ Summary Guidelines, Read and Affirm Detailed Guidelines, and Print Business Safety Plan Template online resources. Doing so will assist said retailers in avoiding negative and unnecessary enforcement action against them by county and/or state officials.

Firearms retailers that experience negative enforcement action by state and/or county authorities as they reopen are encouraged to complete the lawsuit plaintiff form on the 2ANYS website. This will allow 2ANYS to investigate the matter and pursue legal action against the government agencies involved if necessary:


“While I’m pleased that firearms retailers is six Finger Lakes counties may now reopen with the blessing of government agents, there is still much work that remains to make New York State firearms retailers whole and restore and expand the Second Amendment civil rights of residents across the state,” 2ANYS Founder Steve Felano said. “This includes receiving the confirmation I’ve already requested from the remaining county governments in the Finger Lakes Region, as well as the Southern Tier, Mohawk Valley, North Country, and Central New York Empire State Development Regional Offices, that firearms retailers in those areas can reopen given that these regions have met the requirements to begin phase one of the state’s reopening plan. Additionally, county pistol permitting offices must reopen to ensure that firearms retailers can lawfully sell pistols to state residents. We must also pursue legal action against New York State and those making frivolous social distancing complaints in order to recoup the significant monetary losses suffered by firearms retailers amid the COVID-19 shutdown.”

To learn more about any of the above, please contact Steve Felano at 888-763-5345 or [email protected].

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