Rochester’s government elites will attempt to blame guns for Saturday’s multiple casualty event when their own failed policies are the true cause

September 19, 2020 – ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports that two young adults, a man and a woman, were killed and 14 people wounded early Saturday in the largest Rochester shooting in memory, an act of violence that occurred at a backyard house party with more than 100 people present. The shooting occurred on the 200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, at a residence located in the city’s Marketview Heights neighborhood.

“This is a tragic event, and part of a larger, disturbing trend in Rochester,” 2ANYS Founder Steve Felano said. “To halt this cycle of violence, the root causes of it must be honestly identified and addressed, not sidestepped by government agents in favor of their favorite political scapegoat: guns. No doubt, the ruling left-progressive political class accelerating the social and fiscal decay of the City of Rochester will, once again, attempt to revive their imaginary ‘War on Guns’ as a scapegoat for this morning’s unfortunate episode of criminality. However, the true cause of today’s violent act centers on the failed big government policies that have and continue to plague Rochester and New York State at large.”

The following equation aptly illustrates how a cascade of failed federal, state, and local government boondoggles and compulsory edicts gave rise to the act of multi-casualty violence seen in Rochester early this morning:

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The government-imposed COVID-1984 lockdown +

The resulting unemployment and boredom forced by government policies on inner city Rochester +

The bungled city government response to Black Lives Matter civil unrest +

The clumsy manner in which the Rochester police chief was made to take the fall for the Daniel Prude death +Ineffective, unconstitutional state and local civilian disarmament edicts


Exacerbation of the violent turf wars and gang rivalries directly caused by the failed government War on Drugs that forces Rochester residents into cages for victimless crimes +

Widespread belief that the Rochester Police Department is in leaderless disarray and thus impotent as a crime mitigation force +

2 dead and 14 wounded in a criminal event near Rochester Public Market early Saturday morning

The above is a rather simple equation and the fact that the left-progressives running Rochester refuse to acknowledge it is an ongoing source of hilarity. Instead, they continue to beat the dead horse of gun control – of which Rochester is certainly not in short supply – and fully expect their ignorant voting base to actually believe that ‘access to guns’ in a vacuum is solely to blame for the ongoing violence seen in their city. Unfortunately, said ignorant voting base continues to believe this farce, thus propagating the cycle of violence caused by failed government policies and compulsory edicts.

To be clear, reversing the trend of violence in Rochester begins with removing the source of mismanagement and ineptitude causing that violence. The obvious source is Mayor Lovely Warren’s left-progressive regime, and the compulsory government edicts her regime forces on Rochester residents, thus dooming them to failure. Accordingly, 2ANYS insists that Mayor Warren and all leaders of her regime resign immediately. Rochester will be far better off without her and those in her leadership circle.

“Congratulations Mayor Warren and all other leaders of Rochester’s left-progressive government regime,” Felano said. “You are simultaneously writing the script for the demise of your own city and making one of the strongest modern cases for the efficacy of the Second Amendment civil right to Keep and Bear Arms. The Second Amendment works. Big government disarmament and control does not.”

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