Erie County Sheriff must halt participation in County DOH enforcement activities

November 21, 2020 – ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – On the evening of Friday, November 20, 2020, an Erie County Health Department Agent and two Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies forced their way onto the private premises of Athletes Unleashed in Orchard Park. These government agents converged on the athletics training center to suppress the First Amendment rights of those on site.

Attendees of the Athletes Unleashed event had gathered to discuss innovative, direct action approaches to effectively resist the latest round of COVID-1984 lockdown mandates coming from Albany. Much to the dismay of left-progressive autocrats like Governor Andrew Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, their government enforcers were shouted down, and shamed to the point that they simply fled to premises without taking any further action.

Attendees forcefully shouted the phrases “GET OUT!” and “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!” at the government agents until they fled.

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“Just seven days ago, Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard assured county residents that his office would not be enforcing Cuomo’s 10-person limit edict on Thanksgiving,” 2ANYS Founder Steve Felano said. “Now, we see Erie County Sheriff’s deputies forcing their way onto private property to break up gatherings of 10 persons or more just one week prior to Thanksgiving. My question to Sheriff Howard is ‘what’s the difference?’ If the 10-person mandate is unconstitutional on Thanksgiving, it is likewise unconstitutional before and after Thanksgiving. Sheriff Howard must make it explicitly clear that the resources of his office will, under no circumstances, be utilized to assist any other government entity in enforcing Cuomo’s COVID-1984 mandates. Full stop.”

 Just eight days ago, Sheriff Howard explicitly stated:

“I have no plans to utilize my office’s resources or deputies to break up the great tradition of Thanksgiving dinner…this national holiday has created longstanding family traditions that are at the heart of America, and these traditions should not be stopped or interrupted by Governor (Andrew) Cuomo’s mandates.”

Felano is one of several Western New York plaintiffs, including Erie County Libertarian Party Chair Duane Whitmer, driving a comprehensive lawsuit filed on May 15, 2020 against members of the Cuomo regime. The aggressive legal action cites a myriad of emergency power abuses amid the COVID-1984 pandemic. The lawsuit remains motionless in federal court while spineless judges continue to rubber stamp every instance of executive overreach perpetrated by the Cuomo regime.

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