We will need an array of volunteers to assist in organizing, managing, and scoring the upcoming Freedom Weekend Skirmish competition on 7/31/21.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the form below.

Thank you for your interest.

I understand and agree to this Release, Waiver, Assumption of Risk and Terms of Use Agreement (the “Agreement”), by and between the User and both The Firing Pin, LLC and the Tactical Games, LLC. For purposes of this Agreement, The Firing Pin, LLC, Tactical Games, LLC, and its partners (including, without limitation, its general partner(s)), agents, and employees shall be referred to collectively as “Owner”. User represents that he/she is older than 18 years of age, has not been convicted of a felony, and is authorized to carry and trained to use firearms. If User is under 25 years of age, User also represents that he/she has not committed a delinquent act that would constitute a felony if committed by an adult. User desires to enter an event hosted by Owner, described as a Skirmish (the “Event”). User understands that the Event is used for activities involving the active use and discharge of munitions, firearms, armaments, or explosive ordinance (collectively “Munitions”). User recognizes that User and/or others have and will be utilizing Munitions at the Event when User enters onto the Property and that as such User will be at risk of bodily harm or death as a result of such activity and such Munitions. User acknowledges and is fully aware of the danger User is subjected to by entering the Event and onto the Property and also by engaging in activity with respect to the Munitions. User recognizes that User is at risk of harm including, but not limited to, bodily injury or death from Munitions currently in use or Munitions previously used on the Property by User or others and from any other activities or conditions on the Property or taking place in the Event. User recognizes and understands that Owner makes no representations that the Property or Event is safe and assumes no obligation whatsoever to protect User from risk of injury including, but not limited to, bodily harm and death. User understands the risk fully and assumes all risk of injury or death to him or herself or to any others. In consideration of User having received permission to enter the Event and use the Property, and having acknowledged the receipt and sufficiency of such consideration, User hereby knowingly waives and releases in advance any and all claims and rights which User might otherwise have against Owner relating to User’s entry into the Event or onto or use of the Property, at any time, including any claims based on Owner’s negligence. User agrees that Owner shall never be liable for any such claims. User voluntarily assumes all risk and responsibility for any potential loss, property damage, or personal injury (including death) which might be sustained by User or any of User’s guests, as a result of User entering onto the Property or participating in any activity on the Property, at any time. Should any claim or liability arise, under the laws of the United States, New York State, or any other state, and under any theory of law or equity, User will indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Owner from any and all costs, expenses or liability, including the cost of any settlement or judgment made or rendered against Owner, together with all cost of court or expenses incurred in connection with any such claim, demand or lawsuit including attorneys’ fees. USER WAIVES ANY RIGHT TO JURY TRIAL AND AGREES TO SUBMIT ALL DISPUTES RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT OR ENTRY IN EVENT OR THE USE OF THE PROPERTY OR ANY INJURIES OR DEATH SUFFERED THEREON TO ARBITRATION BEFORE THE ATTORNEYS OF THE FIRING PIN, LLC AND/OR THE TACTICAL GAMES, LLC. Due to the nature of the Event, if a participant overstates their abilities to safely compete and/or complete a course of fire, and it is determined by the safety officer, staff, or judge, that the participant is not conducting themselves in a safe manner, they will be stopped and will not be allowed to continue the competition. If stopped due to a safety violation or concern, the participant will not be allowed to continue under any circumstances. A small infraction my result in a scoring penalty, but a flagrant safety violation will result in immediate forfeiture and immediate removal from the Games event. The judges and staff will be trained to identify these violations, and once it is determined that a violation has occurred, there will not be an appeal. Military, Law Enforcement, SWAT, 3-Gun competitors, IPSC Shooters, etc. should all do well in this type of event. But even in those cases, we have seen major safety violations. Please be prepared and engaged in your best performance when attending the Event. We will supply a safety briefing and outline the penalties and expected behavior at the Event.

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